Origin Metals & Plastics co-extrusion technology assists our clients design the most sophisticated, flexible and sturdy composites.
  • Co-extrusion is multi-layer extruded netting that can be later on oriented where different polymers can form various layers on the same netting configuration.
  • It is square netting, which adds strength to the nonwoven and reduces instability and stretch.
  • The resultant netting composite provides the performance of much heavier nonwovens, which ensures consistency, appearance and strength to meet strict product requirements.
  • And nonwoven configurations assist providing different and specific performance functionalities that have the ability to build various netting combinations.
  • Manufacturers can also accelerate their production processes because the foam laminated to our netting can be processed faster through their equipment.
  • Furthermore, our netting maintains the overall structure of the pad that distributes load evenly across the surface and extends the lifecycle of the carpet.